In addition to courses, we provide students with science resources. On our SciTeens YouTube channel, we post interviews, talks, and even science experiments.

Also, we have a whole page dedicated to science articles. Our articles are a great way for students to explore their STEM interests, as they’re written for and by fellow students. A few of our most recent articles include: Classification of Animals as it Relates to Humans, Are Ghosts Real?, and Your Mini Guide For Antibiotics Usage.


At SciTeens, we like to make 100% online and accessible science courses for high schoolers. Currently, we have ecological, biological, and physics tracks. To get a breakdown of each of our courses, navigate to our Courses page.

As an educator, you can promote these courses to your students, as they can be completed completely online and for free. The course materials are accessible for the students to work through on their own time, but we run synchronous sessions at various times throughout the year. To sign up for a synchronous course, your students should make a SciTeens account (which will automatically add them to the mailing list) in order to be notified as soon as possible.

Our courses use the following software: Google Colab and Google Slides. Google Colab is what you and your students will use to load our coding lessons, which are in Jupyter Notebook format. As long as you have a Google account, you’re all set to use the notebooks!

If you have any questions or feedback on our courses, we’d love to hear from you! You can email either Carlos Mercado-Lara or Aarti Kalamangalam.


If your students are working on a science project, either on their own time or for a competition, you can encourage them to post it on SciTeens! Our Project page is dedicated to students who want to share their work and get feedback. On the page, students can view existing projects, leave comments, and post their own work. They can also update it as they go; projects do not have to be completed in order to be posted!

Thanks for checking out our Educators page! We hope to collaborate with you soon.