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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for checking our online non profit organization SciTeens. If you are a parent/guardian, Student, Mentor, or someone who just loves science, we hope these clarifications will help you know what we are all about.

How can I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved is to share our website on facebook, instagram, or any other social media platform! As more people know about us, the more students are aware of the resources that we provide. Looking to get really involved? Make sure to check out the get involved page and reach out to us. We are always looking for people who truly care about our mission.

Do the resources offered on SciTeens and mentorship cost money?

no.No.NO. Every resource that we offer including other helpful resources on the internet mentioned on our website are free of charge. However summer programs advertised on our website that are offered by colleges, science organizations, and scientific corporations may have a fee. We place an emphasis and promote science programs that are free and directed towards minorities here in the United States and also accept students outside of the US.

What do we offer?

On our website, we have blog posts that serve both mentors and students who are looking to get interested in science or need help on a project. We also pair students with a qualified mentor that has experience or interest in the students field. This is done on our end and we take great care in making sure you get the great help(student) and advice(mentor).

What makes us different?

Online community and engaging voluntary mentors that can benefit from the resources offered and create a community that shows that science is for everyone and does not require a lot of money, time, and skill level. We also take pride in being a non profit organization that promotes open resource material to everyone who visits our website. Although it is directed towards students of ages 14-18 that are in high school,we hope that everyone who visits can find inspiration in the work done by these students.

How long do I have to mentor for?

As long as your heart desires! We understand that everyone is busy and may find some days where it just can’t happen. On the mentor form, we ensure to make sure the students that are paired with you can also work with your time. Additionally, you can leave feedback on the students project at any time. We will make sure to notify the student with your great advice so don’t worry!

Do we offer our resources in other languages (como espanol ou francais?)

Oui, Claro, For sure. The resources that we can translate and avoid being sued, we got your back! Currently our great outreach team is working on translating the website first to spanish and afterwards to french. We will keep you updated.

I am a concerned parent and I would like to know everything that my kid is doing on this website. How can I view and make sure my kid is getting the best help and profiting from the resources you all offer?

Yes, everything on our website is open resource and therefore visible to everyone regardless if they have an account. However, to make an account you can sign up using the student login page. As a parent, you will be able to post your student’s project if you sign up and also reach out to mentors by leaving questions on the feedback textbox.

How do you screen mentors?

When a mentor signs up, we ask them to provide their academic institution email and we also verify their age and name to be legitimate. For more information, please look at our private policy and terms and conditions.