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With SciTeens you can share your knowledge and research by writing articles or creating projects. Your work can be viewed by other SciTeens users, giving you access to unique opportunities through collaboration with your peers and mentorship by accomplished scholars in the STEM fields.

SciTeens takes pride in its open source and collaborative platform, but let our users do the talking for us.

Working with students across the world with SciTeens was amazing... I am super grateful that I was able to experience it.

- David L., United States

I want to first thank the members and founders of SciTeens for bringing such a wonderful and amazing opportunity we are having.I would love to thank all the mentors who were taking most of their time mentoring us as well helping us coming up with best projects.

- Elisha M., Zimbabwe

Because of the coding boot camp I did with SciTeens, I was able to find my passion for coding and further expand my knowledge in the STEM field.

- Melissa R., United States


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